Micro Surgery Solution

Cutting edge procedural / surgical

new conceptual Microscope without eyepieces

The SCOPEYE 3D microsurgery solution is a cutting edge technology with a wide range of applications in modern healthcare.

It utilizes the latest in Eyes Up Display technology to help perform precise 3D microsurgery, primarily in surgeries that deal with fine anatomy or require precise operation.

These SCOPEYE 3D microsurgery solutions can contribute to improve the efficiency of patient care and enhancing the surgical skills of medical staff.

High-resolution 3D optic

This solution provides high-resolution 3D image to help surgeons see microscopic tissues or structures more clearly during surgery. This helps improve accuracy and safety during surgery.

Innovative economics

Maximize ergonomic comfort

The SCOPEYE 3D Solution is the world's smallest 3D Micro Solution, offering a high quality visualization and convenience compared to traditional microscopes, helping doctors perform surgeries faster and more efficiently.

It is also highly affordable, making it easy to use in hospitals and maximizing the ergonomic comfort of medical staff.

3D Recording and 3D Training

Easily record any procedure/surgery in 3D and utilize it in a varsaitile educational and training settings.

By providing an immersive experience similar to the actual procedure/surgical procedure, doctors, trainees, and students can learn by repetition with realistic 3D images, enhancing competency and improving comprehension, resulting in superior educational outcomes.

*SCOPEYE 3D player provided (Windows version)

Upgrade your 2D microscope to an advanced 3D digital microscope

Easily connect from your existing 2D microscope and use it as a 3D microscope.

This 3D upgrade is easily adapted to any microscope. (ZEISS, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, etc.)

The world's smallest high-performance 3D digital microscope

Fields of application


Surgery (microsurgery)

/ Plastic Surgery

Provides 3D high-resolution imaging capabilities critical for precision and accuracy.

Surgeons can use microscopes with enhanced depth perception and clarity for complex tasks like tissue dissection, suturing, and nerve repair.


Enable dental professionals to perform complex procedures with precision.

It provides detailed 3D visualization of oral structures to aid in procedures such as root canal therapy, dental implants, and oral surgery. With an optical microscope that adjusts to different angles, it's a revolutionary solution for dental care.

Ophthalmology(Upcoming Updates)

It is useful for eye surgery and allows doctors to perform delicate surgeries with improved visualization.

It provides clear, magnified images of ocular structures, facilitating surgeries such as cataract extraction, corneal transplantation, and retinal detachment repair. The advanced optics and autofocus capabilities of 3D microscopes support meticulous surgical techniques in ophthalmology.