The MediThinQ solution

enables free vision and comfortable posture during surgery,

a long-cherished wish of medical staff


SCOPEYE 3D Microvision

Visualize the area of interest in three dimensions (3D) using a stereoscopic microscope that can magnify up to 10x optically, 2x digitally, and up to 20x in total.


It can be connected to a microscope that currently only supports 2D image output and

used as a 3D image output microscope.


SCOPEYE has been equipped with the New Band. Experience unparalleled stability and comfort, effortless wearability, and an enhanced field of view.

Multi Processor

Images of various medical imaging equipment are transmitted to

SCOPEYE seamlessly (multi-monitor function)


MetaSCOPE is a revolutionary medical device that combines a high-performance magnifying camera with Eyes Up Display technology.


MetaSCOPE CAM is an easy-to-install wireless camera optimized for medical and dental applications. Stream and record from a variety of perspectives in order to collect more varied and complete data for your surgeries to be used with AI.


SCOPEYE THERMO is an innovative product that combines thermal imaging camera and real-time wireless streaming Eyes Up Display.